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Our PV Plant is a prime example of a commercial size hybrid solar system. Call us to book a tour.

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Rising diesel costs; the vulnerability to price shock from external events;  the decreasing costs of solar; and the advances in Lithium Ion Battery technology mean that the conversion from producing your electricity from a diesel generator for your home, farm, mine or community to an off grid hybrid Solar power generation system makes great economic and environmental sense.

Harelec designs, constructs and installs off-grid solar and hybrid solar systems for a wide range of clients. These systems combine the benefits of solar PV power generation with integrated technology to control supply and storage.

Storage provided by off-grid solar systems is highly effective for isolated locations where the cost of access to the grid is prohibitive. These systems are also effective as alternatives which provide for owner-control of generation and storage.

Harelec Off grid solar design team have designed and constructed numerous systems for applications ranging from households through large scale farming enterprises and export producing coal mines. Our team’s ability to work through all onsite issues to ensure a completely functional system.

Hybrid solar energy systems are also highly effective for commercial and high-volume situations where access to the grid is available but energy cost-reduction or storage of energy on a larger scale is required.

If you are in an area that is not serviced by the main electricity grid, getting access to economical mains electricity can be prohibitive. To date the economical outcome has been to install a noisy diesel generator, which involves costly maintenance and constant re-fuelling. Today, there are e significant benefits associated with installing an off-grid solar system with Harelec. Once the system has paid for itself, you have access to a free source of power straight from the sun that you can rely on for many years, with the confidence that your system has been designed and installed by a professional team.

Off-grid solar power systems generate free electricity from the sun, require virtually no maintenance and are silent. An off-grid solar power system with Lithium Ion Battery storage technology provides a clean and reliable source of energy, even when the sun is not shining.

Harelec services can provide you with a long lasting modular lithium Ion off grid solar power solution that can save you a fortune on your diesel costs. Call our off grid specialist team for a no obligation off grid solution.

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Off Grid Hybrid Solar Solution
Off Grid Hybrid Solar Solution
25kW Hybrid Solar Solution
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