Harelec PV Solar Plant Port Macquarie

316 panels 60kWp

Harelec's Solar System

We at Harelec have our own solar system at our head office in Port Macquarie. It began its life in 2011 as a grid-connect system of just over 60kW, but it’s grown and evolved since then and now functions as a 67kW hybrid system with grid connection and battery storage.

It incorporates over 350 Schutten- Noah Energy Monocrystalline Solar panels, seven SMA Sunny Mini-Central (grid-connect) inverters and one SMA Sunny Island (off-grid) inverter, and it supplies the Harelec workshop and offices with 99% of its energy needs during day and night, also ensuring that we have uninterrupted power supply for our I.T network.

This system also has a SMA web-box monitoring system which gives us access to all the system’s data online, and enables us to display a slideshow in our office with live updates of the system’s performance.

We welcome visitors to our offices to view our solar system, and we’d be more than happy to show you around. If you’d like to take a look please phone us on 02 65811201 for an appointment so we can be sure that one of the Technical staff is on hand to give you a tour.

You can also view our system’s performance data in the graphs below, which are taken from our Sunny Portal web-monitoring platform. As you can see, it has to-date produced over 435MegaWatts of power, which has resulted in over 460,000 kg of avoided carbon emissions, equivalent to approximately four million kilometres driven in an average car.

For a system as big as this, you know who to call...