Port Central Shopping Centre

Commercial solar case study

Port Central Solar Power Project Port Central Solar Power Project Port Central Solar Power Project

With rising cost of electricity in mind, Harelec was commissioned by Gowing Brothers Pty Ltd to investigate suitable methodologies to reduce the overall consumption at the Port Central Shopping Centre complex. Port Central is the premier shopping centre in Port Macquarie. With more than 50 specialised stores and located in the centre of Port Macquarie, it was a high power usage site.

Annual consumption at the site was 1,880,000 kilowatt hours per annum which meant that identification of multiple methodologies was critical to achieving the reductions that the project principles required.

While solar power was seen as an essential step in the process, Harelec identified numerous other efficiency measures that when combined with the 99.45kW solar power system has achieved reduction in annual consumption of 1,240,000 kilowatt hours per annum, a reduction of 67%.

Port Central Solar Power Project

Harelec identified, designed and installed the following initiatives.

  • Installation of a 99.45kW solar system;
  • 36 frequency drives controlling the Air-conditioning and fan motors;
  • Power Factor Correction;
  • Led Lighting; and;
  • Air-conditioning upgrade

The importance of undertaking all works so as to have no impact on the businesses within the shopping centre was of great importance. Harelec worked closely with centre management to ensure that during the upgrade, there was no effect to any business.

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