QLD farm remote off grid hybrid solar solution

Commercial solar case study

QLD farm remote off grid hybrid solar solution

Harelec were commissioned to investigate the potential for an off Grid hybrid solar solution to provide continuous electricity to the farm office and main shed. Originally all power was provided by a diesel generator. On average this generator was running between 12 – 24 hours per day.

Harelec designed an off-grid hybrid system comprising 7 kilowatts of ground mounted Solar PV panels and 12 kilowatt hours of active storage provided by Lithium Ion batteries.  Harelec designed and manufactured a modular unit that contained an SMA inverter and an SMA sunny Island with controller along with a fully air conditioned battery module to house the batteries at the optimum temperature and a new 5.5 kilowatt hour diesel generator. The unit was manufactured and completely fit-out at the manufacturing facility in Port Macquarie prior to being transported to site.

Being a remote environment with extreme temperature variations throughout the year, the system was designed to ensure maximum productivity from the solar and storage system and to minimise generator use.

Harelec project team delivered the completed and commissioned system on time and on budget. Savings of 40,000litres per annum of diesel have been achieved with this installation.

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