Off Grid Solar

Residential Solar Power Systems

Residential Of Grid SolarFor rural land-owners or people building new homes in remote areas, sometimes connecting your premise to grid power is exorbitantly expensive.

These people are increasingly choosing Off-Grid (or Stand-alone) solar power systems to supply their premises with electricity rather than have grid power installed.  Off-grid systems combine solar panels withbattery storage and specialised off-grid inverters to ensure your energy needs are met. Back-up generators can also be incorporated to ensure uninterrupted power supply without ever having to buy power from a distributor.

Our accredited off-grid designers/ installers will consult with you regarding the type and size of appliances in your home, along with your energy usage patterns, and with this information they can help you determine a system with the right ratio of solar panels to batteries.

Off-Grid systems need to be unquestionably reliable, so we chose the highest quality components available to us to ensure consistent and continuous operation. We use only SMA Sunny Island inverters for our off-grid installations, along with Schutten Solar Panels and Raylite or Surrette batteries.

Our installers are qualified, accredited and experienced in off grid installations, and they take great care in creating systems which are reliable, efficient and installed to the highest safety standard.

Example Installations

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