Frequently Asked Questions

Q What are some of the benefits of Solar Electricity?
A The two main benefits are: 1) You can SAVE MONEY!! And 2) You will help the environment at the same time by reducing your carbon footprint.
Q How does a Grid Connect Solar System Work?
A Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. An inverter then converts this into 240-volt AC electricity, which is then utilised in your home, with any remainder being fed back in to the electricity grid.
You continue to use power from the grid when your solar system is not producing, i.e. overnight or on a really cloudy day.
Q How much can I save off my electricity bill?
A We will individually assess your home and provide you with an estimated system output, which will then translate into dollars saved from your power bill per annum. How much you save will also be based on your energy usage habits and whether your power usage is greater during daylight hours as opposed to night time.
Q What are STCs?
A Small-scale Technology Certificates are credits that are generated when you install a Grid-Connect Solar Power system. STCs must be purchased and surrendered by large companies who consume a lot of electricity, and thus STCs can be sold on the market, or through a government Clearing House.
As a general rule, prices for Harelec Solar Systems are quoted after STC discount have already been applied, and are dependent on you assigning your STCs to Harelec once your system is installed.
Q How much maintenance is required?
A Solar arrays require no maintenance other than the occasional cleaning. You do not NEED to clean them, but it is advised to clean them occasionally as their output will be reduced if dust or dirt is allowed to build up on the surface. We recommend hosing them once a month to remove surface dust. You could also clean them with soapy water and a soft cloth, making sure to rinse with clean water, but please do not attempt this without the appropriate safety measures for working on roofs.
Q Are the panels at risk of damage from hail?
A Our solar panels are tested to withstand hailstones up to 25mm. Hail will do much more damage to your roof than they will to your solar panels!
Q Can I increase the size of my system later?
A All systems are modifiable later. For example, if you choose a 1.5kW system with a 2.2kW inverter, this allows you to add 0.5kW of panels at a later date without adding a new inverter. If you choose a 2.1kW system with a 2.2kW inverter, you can increase this system later up to 4.2kW by adding additional panels and another inverter. You do not need to replace your original inverter, you can add to it. There are many options available here.
Q How long does it take to install a solar power system?
A We can usually install up to 3kW in one day, but obviously it depends on the circumstances. It can take 3-5 days to fully install a 10kW system.
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